about patrick

Patrick McAndrew is an actor, podcast host, and tech philosopher based in New York City. He performs and develops evocative performances and shows, often about technology's impact on human relationships. Patrick is particularly interested in using theatre, film, and media as a gateway to learning about the Internet and social media's influence on our decisions, habits, and lifestyles.

Patrick has performed in various locations throughout New York City, including Carnegie Hall and Theatre Row, as well as other locations throughout the mid-Atlantic region.  

Patrick's one-man show, REEL, which deals with the impact that excessive technology use has on human relationships, was performed in the 2017 United Solo Theatre Festival, the largest solo theatre festival in the world. REEL was also featured in the documentary, "Electronic Crack," which is about technology and social media addiction. 

Patrick has taken the stage, not only as a performer, but as a speaker as well, sharing his take on how we can be more human in the age of technology. He has spoken at international conferences, on college campuses, and at community events on topics related to enhancing our relationships in the technological revolution. His methods are rooted in his extensive background as an actor, as he believes the skillsets learned through actor training are vital in helping to fight tech addiction, isolation, anxiety, and depression and in improving the social well-being of individuals and communities.

In 2019, Patrick launched the podcast, Relate w/ Patrick McAndrew. In the show, he speaks with top experts in the fields of entertainment, technology, and business to discover how to cultivate more genuine, meaningful relationships in an age where technology is king, anxiety and isolation are at an all time high, and the only possible cure for our loneliness is through building relationships and community while collaborating and connecting with others. 


Patrick is also an award-winning percussionist.  He holds a master's degree in Theatre from Villanova University.

  "My world vision is to use acting as a tool to activate positive change in individuals and in the world at large.  Peoples’ exposure to performance will allow them to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  They will have no choice but to approach situations with curiosity instead of suspicion.  The arts must allow society to discover that they can achieve their dreams through the lens of love.  Performance must lift people out of their fears and, therefore, eliminate hatred.  It allows people to see the beauty in this world instead of a world of violence and crime.  They do not have to live in sorrow.  Performance and art is the gateway to love.  It is structured in that it cannot divide; it must unite."

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